About Climbing

Climbing is  one of the fastest growing sports in the UK . This has followed the introduction of indoor walls which make winter climbing an option, and practice easier. There is also far greater access for people living in urban areas, making the sport ever more popular.

Climbing is a general term covering a variety of activities:

  • Bouldering: training without ropes on large boulders
  • Indoor climbing: Originally used for training but now an activity in its own right
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountaineering
  • Scrambling
  • Winter climbing

A great place to learn more about climbing is the British Mountaineering Council’s website. There is plenty of advice, and links to other websites – and you know that, as the official  body representing climbing, the advice you get is the best.
– Try ‘Start Climbing Outdoors‘  or the youth page, including articles for young people and parents about climbing.



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