A parent’s guide to climbing, walking and mountaineering

The British Mountaineering Council have produced a great leaflet explaining the benefits and the risks of these activities for young children. A great introductory guide for those parents unsure about what is involved – this could help reassure parents of young potential participants.

The leaflet can be ordered or there is a free download. Please see: https://www.thebmc.co.uk/a-parents-guide-to-climbing-walking-and-mountaineering?s=2Parents-Guide



There has been a little confusion about “weaselling’ recently. To clear it up..

‘Weaselling’ is the local name in the Peak District for rock scrambling. This has been a very popular activity for many years in the area with outdoor groups.

Weaselling is classed as a climbing related activity as it: a) requires the use of helmets, spotting and climbing techniques; b) can involve considerable drops and work near cliff edges (e.g. Higger Tor); c) is usually undertaken in areas recognised as climbing crags.

Therefore the qualifications for weaselling are:
– A National Governing Body outdoor climbing qualification: SPA, MIA, MIC, British Mountain Guide. (NB Not Climbing Wall Award)
– OR a competent adult in possession of appropriate First Aid certificate who has been trained by a holder of the MIA or MIC. The assessment must be carried out directly, and signed, by the MIA/MIC holder. This training will be site specific. The training will normally be valid for a period to be decided by the MIA/MIC but not more than five years.

This information will also appear in the ‘Equivalent Awards’ section of the climbing website.